My dad, known as P-Webs, is a stay at home parent who loves nothing more than his two purrfect felines. Yes, he loves them more than my brother and I. Prudence, the smaller fluffier outdoor cat is the lovable mother of Smokey, the finicky indoor cat. Both are Maine Coons. There is a tom cat, named Thom Yorke for his lazy eye, that hangs around with Prudence outside. He's a bit of a scaredy cat.
Thom Yorke has since disappeared as many feral cats tend to do. We have started to feed and hug a new kitten by the name of Pingu. He is a bit shy but very talkative and astoundingly cute. A man and his cats, this is their story.
**I apologize for the picture quality of most of the images. They were taken on a camera phone and therefore a bit fuzzy**